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Corso Grosseto


The 50-year-old Corso Grosseto viaduct is a 80-span double deck road viaduct recently dismantled in Turin, Italy. The main bridge spans range from 16 to 24 m, for a total length of the viaduct of about 1.4 km.


The bridge deck is formed by a system of precast PC beams, including ten inner I beams and two lateral box beams, with top cast-in-situ RC slab. The deck girders are simply supported over each span by RC piers with tapered PC pier caps.


The viaduct has been demolished in 2019. Two adjacent spans of the viaduct have been preserved and deconstructed, including 29 PC deck beams (25 I-beams and four box beams) and two PC pier caps. The structural members have been lifted and moved by trucks to a testing site.

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